Win a Winter of Classic Fibre

A Classic all year feed, from a heatwave to The Beast of the East– Dodson & Horrell presents Classic Fibre Cubes & Mix.

Low starch, low sugar this newly formulated and Classic Fibre Cubes or Mix, updates our High Fibre Nuts and mix. Available now in its new, recyclable  packaging; Classic Fibre is the ideal supplementary feed source to answer limited forage all year round regardless of the weathers effect on the grazing available. Classic Fibre is high in fibre and is packed with essential vitamins  & minerals to replenish what is lacking in the limited forage. It is suitable for horses & Ponies prone to laminitis.

So, whether its dry, burnt grass through the summer heatwave or snow covered fields in the coldest of winters, Classic Fibre Cubes and Mix has been reformulated by expert nutritionists based on extensive research on the horses needs. Classic Fibre is the ideal, trusted solution to ensure your horse or pony gets the nutrition they need even when natural forage is limited.


·         Low Starch

·         Low Sugar

·         Suitable for horses & ponies prone to laminitis.

·         Can be served as a mash 

·         Non heating


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