Dodson & Horrell Employee of the Month

Dodson & Horrell Employee of the Month

November - Beth Siddell

 This month’s Dodson & Horrell Employee of the Month has been presented to Beth Siddell.  The award was set up to recognise the hard work and dedication that the staff at 10-time Champion Trainer Paul Nicholls’ yard put in to get the horses to the track in peak condition.  Harry Derham, Assistant Trainer and his panel of selectors chose the winner and Harry presented the prize.  The winner receives a Dodson & Horrell gilet and a £30 gift voucher, both courtesy of Dodson & Horrell.

Beth joined the team in August this season and has become a hard working, enthusiastic staff member who loves working with her horses. Beth has been to the races regularly in the last month, she has led in numerous winners and has proved herself to be efficient and willing to help other colleagues along with making sure her own horses are turned out smartly. 

“Teamwork is so important in a large yard on a busy race day so this has been great to see from Beth.  She is always cheerful to have around the yard and we are very pleased to have Beth as a part of Team Ditcheat!” commented Harry.

Beth looks after the following horses:

  • Black Corton 
  • Coup de Pinceau
  • Dolos
  • Posh Trish
  • Silver Forever