Herb of the Month - Mint

Soothing support of the digestive system as well as encouraging appetite.

Mint has been used for centuries to encourage healthy digestion, its pleasant smell and taste makes it highly palatable so it is ideal for promoting appetite, especially for fussy or shy eaters.

Available format

·         Mint is only available in a dried form

Tub Size

Horse day’s supply

Cost per day

Pony day’s supply

Cost per day











Price based on RRP of 1kg = £8.10 (January 2018) and 5kg = £19.80 subject to variation

Feeding Guidelines

Larger horses: 8 scoops per day = 40g

Ponies and smaller horses: 6 scoops per day =30g

Average weight of 100ml scoop = 5g

Do not exceed the recommended feeding guideline without consulting Dodson & Horrell or your veterinarian.

D&H Herbs

All our herbs are routinely tested under the BETA/NOPS code and are of human grade. Our herbs are wild crafted in their country of origin and have not been sprayed with any pesticide.